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Your Response to Online Reviews Counts!

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Your Response To Online Reviews Counts!

Online reviews are essential in building a brand, however, what is usually neglected is the fact that the majority of online shoppers also read a company’s response to reviews. But why is it a big deal?

Responding to reviews reflects how a company manages its business. Does it acknowledge its weak points? Is it receptive of customer’s opinions? These seemingly trivial things have a direct impact on the consumers’ next action.

Both Fan & Fuel (2016) and Spiegel Research Center (2017) reveal that more than 90% of online customers read reviews before deciding to purchase a product or service. And when a company has a healthy engagement with its customers, it is also building a reputation of trust and transparency.

Furthermore, responding to online reviews lets online shoppers know that a company cares, whether a customer had a great experience or a bad one. Letting your customers know that you hear them increases the chances of them doing business with you again and even referring you to other customers. It’s an easy way to expand your audience!