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More Yellow Map Pins Showing Up In Google Snippets

We all know that Google is constantly updating, improving, and striving to give their users the best possible experience.
Recently, many users started seeing Yellow Map Pins in some of their Google searches. Although there hasn’t been an announcement about this new feature, this has already started to help increase web traffic. The popular thought is  that Yellow Map Pins is currently in beta (testing).

If this feature is officially rolled out, there will be many  benefits and advantages, especially to your SEO. It can increase your leads every time a user searches for products or services, because it will add your location.

Although yellow map pins are still in beta, there is still some strategies you can utilize to increase your SEO ranking. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be frustrating at times, but it is necessity in order to grow online. As your ranking goes up, your door will open up to new leads and sales. Having a good content is also a huge part of SEO. If you are a business owner, handling SEO and running your  company can be a difficult situation. It’s nearly impossible to do a great job in both. If you need help in marketing your business in today’s ever changing online climate, contact an experienced and knowledgeable digital marketer- Panorama Marketing and Media, A Certified Google Partner.