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How to Write Good Content

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Good content can help you increase traffic and leads, while bad content will result in a low ranking. To write better content, you must always keep in mind two things: User Experience and Performance.

User Experience
User Experience is the overall experience, including emotions and buying behavior, of a person who buys your product or service on a website. Having a bad user experience can result in your viewer leaving your site.

  • Website Speed
    Even a one-second delay can make your user abandon your site. We all know that time is important, so  you don’t want to waste your viewers’ time waiting for your site to load.Google has also been taking into account site speed in their algorithm, so improving your loading time is a must to avoid a lower ranking.
  • Check for Grammatical, Typographical, and Spelling Errors
    Having grammar and spelling errors, or even typos in your content won’t affect your SEO but it will negatively affect your branding and credibility. That is why it is very important to always proofread your content. There are websites like Grammarly that can check your content to make sure that there are no grammatical errors.
  • Build Your Brand and Create Your Own Voice
    Establishing your brand is one of the most important things to establish in a business. An effective brand can give you a major boost in your target market.For effective brand marketing, you need to establish three factors that answer the “who,” “why,” and “how.”Content: Make sure that your content speaks for who you are. This should be all about your company and the people behind it.Purpose: Basically, this defines the purpose of the brand that you need to market. This is your company’s reason to continue doing what you do.Solutions: This states how you will solve the problem.
  • Always Check Your Facts
    Make sure that your content can help your viewers and that it is related to what you offer. Do not ever make up content, and always base it with accurate data. Giving your viewers reliable content can build your company’s credibility.
  • Your Platform is Easy to Understand
    Everything should be clear and easy to understand and all buttons and/or links on your site should work.  This will ensure that your site is more valuable, relevant, and reputable. .
  • Great Website Design
    You need to catch your users’ attention.  There are many ideas to spark inspiration and create a great design for your website.  Adding videos, creating buttons to interact with your audience, and providing unique ideas are a few things that can help grab your audience’s attention.


  • Automate your marketing with good timing.  Decide the optimal time to launch a campaign taking into account holidays and advertising events.
  • Target the right customers. Know your audience and their digital habits. This information allows you to reach them where they already are. You can then target them appropriately with what they need and want,  and save time and money by not wasting your promotion efforts.
  • Add a CTA (Call to Action).  Being strategic is vital; users are tired of the relentless pop-ups and email sign-ups. Provide them with content so good that they want more.  Inform your viewers what should they do after reading your content. May it be “purchase now,” “contact us,” etc.
  • Study your marketing budget.  Marketing plans can oftentimes be expensive. Proper allocation means spending the right amount in the right areas and getting the most for your money.


Good content can help you increase website traffic and quality leads. To create great content, you need to always keep in mind the User Experience and your Website Performance.   

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