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Website Redesign Tips 101

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Website Redesign Tips 101

A website is like a store where you sell your service or products. As time goes, you will feel like giving your website a revamp according to the latest trends in the industry. That is why you want to redesign it. But, there are important points you need to take before taking action. You need to know the basics. Educate yourself and be inquisitive.  Here is a checklist that will help you save more by avoiding common and costly mistakes for your website.

  1. Is your website mobile ready?  You know how typical websites appear on a mobile phone? It is not navigation-friendly and it takes you a lot of time to scroll here and there to read the whole text!  Reports reveal that mobile is now one of the fastest growing trends in the industry. In fact, 12% of global traffic is from mobile. Now, you do not want your competitors grab that percentage away from you. So what you can do is make your website mobile-friendly or mobile-enabled.  Check your site out at GoMo to find out if it looks great on mobile.
  2. Avoid flash. We admit that Flash is way too cool. It is great eye candy, catchy and makes your site look very interesting. But the downside of flash is that it doesn’t work in mobile devices (i.e., iPhone and iPad).
  3. Do not crowd your site with irrelevant keywords. Optimize your website with the best target keyword. Dismiss the thought that adding lots of keywords to your site is helpful. You do not want an SEO nightmare. Do not confuse search engine spiders by overcrowding your site with a variety of keywords.
  4. Pimp your boring content with interesting stuff. Supply your website with juicy tidbits, trivia and information. Content can mean four things: articles, videos, podcast and graphics. Use a variety of them to entice your audience.
  5. Be sure you have a “call to action.” A call to action encourages people to act. This is normally presented in a website button or a hyperlink that says, “Buy Now,” “Call now,” “Request a quote,” or “Complete this survey.”
  6. Be sure to have a Contact Page. Your contact page should detail your address, phone number and email address. It can also have a contact form so people can directly connect with you when necessary.
  7. Incorporate social media. Promote your social media accounts in your website to effectively disseminate information.
  8. Do not forget to register local search directories. To claim your online visibility effectively, do not miss enlisting your website to local search directories. There are a number of free listings out there like Yelp, Google Places, Yahoo Local and others.