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Website Maintenance Services

To have a successful business it is essential to stand out from your competitors. Panorama Marketing and Media can help you achieve this goal with a website that can showcase your brand, allow changes to be made in seconds, and is easy to maintain. There are many advantages to our Website Maintenance program.

Benefits and Services

These are just a few of the benefits and services that a business owner receives from Panorama Marketing and Media. Give us a call or send us and e-mail and let us show you what a professional and customer-based marketing team can do for you.

Great Advantages with Website Management

1. Safely and Quickly Update Your Website
2. Manage Updates Efficiently

Updates can be made with just one click- whether you put them on the ignore list, a bulk install, deactivate some or all, or install an older version.

3. Cloud Backups

Your website is protected with cloud backups that are consistent and reliable.

4. Security Checks

We are vigilant, proactive, and check regularly for malware and known vulnerabilities.

5. Website Performance Checks

A slow website or one that goes down will hurt your business. We monitor your website’s performance and know instantly if any issues occur. Any problems are then quickly addressed and eliminated.

6. Client Reports

We provide a comprehensive summary that shows everything that is done on your website. It is tailor made and can be delivered daily, weekly, or monthly.

7. Website SEO Ranking

We perform an SEO analysis and check for any issues that are related to crawlability, content, images, links, accessibility, and coding including errors, warnings, and notices. We also find out who your competitors are, and everything about them. We follow what they do, what they don’t do, and how you can surpass them and stay ahead.