We are well into the second decade of the 21st century. Digital is everything these days.
You would think that print marketing is something quickly dying to never be heard from
again. You would be wrong. Print media remains a strong piece of the marketing puzzle
because it has certain advantages that digital marketing cant replicate.

Why is Print Marketing Still So Powerful? 

#1 Digital Pop-up Ads are Annoying 

People do not like anything that disrupts their focus and that is exactly what digital
popup ads constantly do. Someone is looking for a particular piece of information or a
product online, when all of a sudden a popup ad appears. This disrupts their focus
which is annoying and frustrating. This also makes a person less likely to read and react
to the popup ad.
When looking at a piece of print marketing, a persons focus is not interrupted. In fact,
their focus is usually on the piece of marketing material. This makes them more
receptive to the marketing message.

#2 Print Marketing Leaves a Longer Impression 

How long does a person gaze at a popup ad? Likely less than 2 or 3 seconds before
they hit the “X” to close it. Just long enough to note which brand decided to interrupt
their focus.
With print marketing, the impression is much longer. If you send out a catalog to a past
customer, you have a stronger chance of leaving a positive impression. The customer
can browse through the catalog at any time. It can be saved for a later date. It can
resurface. Digital ads cannot do any of this.

#3 Print Bolsters Other Marketing Channels 

Your marketing strategy should encourage multiple channels of interaction and potential
Ask your print customers to follow your Facebook account. Give Facebook followers a
chance to sign up for a free catalog. Promote your Twitter handle in your next direct
marketing campaign. Present a special coupon in your next flyer to be used exclusively

#4 Print Is Deemed More Trustworthy 

Despite living in a heavily digital age, people still trust printed documents more than
they do information presented online. Printed items are considered more trustworthy

because they are physical and not easily changed. Digital documents, on the other
hand, can change with just a few taps on the keyboard.
This trust for printed material transfers directly to printed marketing materials. It builds
trust in the brand and an understanding the brand is here to stay.

#5 Print Engages More of the Senses 

Take a piece of direct mail. Feel the paper in your hands. Look at its design and
message with your eyes. Turn it over to see what is on the back. Smell the paper its
printed on. Rustle it near your ear. That single piece of paper just engaged four out of
five senses. (You could taste it also, but thats not advisable.)

When you can physically interact with a piece of marketing material, it becomes more
memorable, trustworthy, and important. And that is a major reason why print remains
such a strong piece of the marketing puzzle.
If you haven’t made print a part of your marketing strategy, you are missing out on the
benefits it can bring. How would you incorporate print marketing into your master plan?

Caryl Anne Crowne is a contributing writer and media specialist for
Allegra Network. She often produces content for a variety of marketing
and advertising blogs.


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