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Sneak Peek: New QR Codes for Los Arcos Grill in Marietta, GA

Home » Sneak Peek: New QR Codes for Los Arcos Grill in Marietta, GA
Sneak Peek: New QR Codes For Los Arcos Grill In Marietta, GA


Sneak Peek: New QR Codes For Los Arcos Grill In Marietta, GA
Sneak Peek: New QR Codes For Los Arcos Grill In Marietta, GA

Here’s a sneak peek at our latest project for one of our newest clients, Los Arcos Mexican Restaurant in Marietta, Georgia. After completing the development of our mobile ordering app, we needed a way to allow customers to access the app and order their food quickly and easily.  After a meeting with our client, we suggested using QR Codes to accomplish this.  This would simplify the customer experience since most smartphones today have QR Code reading capabilities built-in.

QR codes are short for Quick Response codes and they are a valuable asset for any business.  They take information from a type of media and transfer it to your smartphone.  They are the evolution of bar codes. However, they store more data and include geocoordinates, bar codes, text, phone numbers, and more.  For a business, this is something that they can capitalize on. 

For restaurants, they can help make the flow of income run smoother. Gone are the days where people would have to use cash to pay for their transactions.  Online payments can now be made on phones or with virtual cards, making this process simple and quick.   

In the case of the current global health crisis, it makes it much easier to limit physical contact and ensure safer interactions between customers and businesses.  The ability to order online also cuts the hassle and time it takes to physically go into a store to order or make a purchase.  Another example would be not needing to have physical menus when deciding what to order.  QR codes can also help reduce the face to face interactions needed in ordering food.  

One business that has already benefited from the implementation of QR codes to their day-to-day operations is our client, Los Arcos Mexican Restaurant.   Los Arcos is one of the best restaurants for Mexican cuisine in Marietta and the surrounding areas.  Their inspiration comes from traditional Mexican home cooking and Latin flavors.  They serve a wide range of classic dishes like enchiladas, burritos, carne asada, Santa Fe chicken, and more.  They also have vegetarian and seafood choices for those who prefer meatless options.  They are located at 3101 Roswell Road, Marietta, Georgia. If you would like to stop by and grab a bite or pick up an order, you can check out the official web- site here to learn more.

This is a prime example of one of the services that Panorama Press provides to help businesses grow and stay current.  If you’re a business that has made a significant operational change for better customer interactions and services, we can make that known to the public.  If you need automation for your business, Panorama Press is here to help!

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