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Simple Rules for Choosing a Domain Name

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Rules For Choosing A Domain Name

Getting a domain name doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

The internet is generally the first place people look for information on just about everything. That’s why when you register a domain name, or several, it’s an important step for making sure businesses can be found — even without a website.
To help eliminate some of the most frequently encountered misconceptions about domain name registration, we’ve addressed a few popular myths:

Myth #1: Domain name registration is difficult

There are tons of great domain names available for registration, and it can take as little as five minutes to register one at any domain name retailer. These online stores make it easy to search for available domain names with name suggestion tools. They also offer complementary services, such as web hosting and website design so you can register a domain name and set up a website all at once.

Myth #2: I only need a domain name if I have a website

A domain name can be used for a variety of purposes. Many people who are not ready for a website simply register the domain name of their choice to ensure it doesn’t get snatched up by anyone else. They may use it to create a professionally branded email address, or as a web address that can point customers to an alternate online presence, such as a social media page, if they don’t yet have a website.
The benefit of registering a domain name and using it in any of these ways is that when you are ready for a website, you know you’ll have the domain name you want.

Myth #3: Domain name registrations are expensive

Many people may not know that a domain name can be registered at very reasonable prices, sometimes for as little as $.99 per year. In fact, the relatively low cost of domain name registrations can help businesses to register multiple domain names and build a domain name portfolio for use in marketing campaigns or brand-protection strategies. The key is to align your brand and relevant keywords to maximize the value your domain name can bring to your existing and future online presence.

Myth #4: Domain name registration equals domain name ownership

Domain name registrations are priced on a subscription-like model that allows a person or business to register that domain name for a certain period of time (usually in annual increments). At the end of the registration period, you (the domain name registrant) have the option to renew the domain name registration for an additional period of time or let it expire. It is important to renew your domain name registration, or you may find that all of your work building traffic and views to your site ends up benefiting someone else (in the instance that someone else registers your domain name after you let your registration expire), and potentially costing you more in rebranding.
Now that we have debunked these myths, remember: A domain name can be your online address, regardless of whether or when you build a website for your online presence. You can use it for branded email or to redirect to another web location of your choice.
Domain name registrations are affordable. In some cases, they may be registered for as little as $.99 per year. Once you register a domain name, you may continue to hold the registration by renewing it, usually in annual increments.
Bottom line: It’s important to secure or maintain your online brand today, so you can be ready for tomorrow.