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Reputation Management Program

Businesses are keenly aware that in order to compete in today’s business environment one needs to have an active and engaged reputation management system in place. Your business needs to have an awareness of what your customers are saying about you in

PMS Reputation Management Program
PMS Reputation Management PROGRAM

Our reputation management services are customized to your specific business and markets. We have a personalized approach that focuses on getting an accurate condition of your reputation online and offline.

  1. Initial Reputation Inventory-We begin with doing a thorough inventory check of all the places where people have reviewed or discussed your business to get an accurate assessment of your business reputation. We will identify any negative reviews so that we can act immediately on your behalf to minimize the damage they are causing.
  2. Repair Negative Reviews- If possible and conditions warrant, we will respond on your behalf to negative reviews after investigating to demonstrate to the reader that your company takes customer service seriously. Not all negative reviews require a response but the impact of many of the negative reviews can be minimized with carefully crafted responses. Our professional copywriters are available to your business to either reply or offer guidance depending on the unique circumstance.
  3. Identify and Remove Fraudulent Reviews-We also analyze the negative reviews looking for fraudulent reviews that are placed by competitors, old employees or trolls. Once identified, we will contact the review site and get petition the site for removal.
  4. Reduce the Impact of Negative Reviews Promote your positive reviews-We will then promote your positive reviews through Social Media and personal engagements. This will minimize to impact of negative reviews.
  5. Increase Reviews-Based on the initial inventory we will develop and execute programs aimed at increasing customers reviews. We will work closely with you to contact old customers and associates to increase your positive reviews.
  6. Local Profiles– We will then increase your exposure by making sure that you have completed profiles in all the major business directories and local map profiles.
  7. Ongoing Surveillance and Management-We will continuously monitor all the different areas of your business so that you can focus on running your business.