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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
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VOIP business telephones are fast becoming a powerful tool, and Panorama Press can help you select the product and features to manage your business. We’ll help you improve your company’s communications efficiency, whether you have a single location or many. Using VoIP for your business offers you the tools necessary for increased accessibility and accountability. We can show you how to make sense of VoIP and what it can do for you.

A typical business will spend around 35% of their communication budget calling within their own company. Voice over IP is the solution that puts the savings back to your bottom line.Another aspect to consider is how much you spend in long-distance calls. It is easy to see just how quickly the investment made in Voice over IP technology can repay itself.

We can evaluate your current telephone system and network infrastructure to identify opportunities to integrate existing platforms into a new solution as well as determine upgrades required to maintain the security of your communications. We also take into consideration other factors like firm size, plans for growth and state of current network infrastructure to help recommend a solution that not only fits your needs now but also in the future.

Businesses are looking for solutions that integrate their desktop and office phones with their mobile phones and devices. Panorama Press can show you how VoIP allows for such features as visual voice mail and find-me capabilities that allow the caller to contact you at your desk, cell, office and then back to your voice mail if you don’t pick up.

There are some very expensive VoIP systems, but we can assist you in choosing products that ensure the most reliability, highest quality and lowest price. VoIP systems generally will pay for themselves within 8-12 months.