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Panorama Project Spotlight: Rocky Tops Custom Countertops Spring Sale Ads

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Objective: To create and design banner advertisements for the promotion of Rocky Top’s ongoing Spring Sale

Project: Banner Advertisements for Spring Sale, extension until May 8
Client: Rocky Tops Custom Countertops, Inc.
Product: Granite, Quartz and Solid Surface Countertops

Spring is here and now is the perfect time for those who like to renovate or remodel their homes. In line with this, our client has an ongoing sale on their products at discounted prices. The aim is to clear out old stock and make room for the arrival of new products. Rocky Tops decided to extend their Spring sale until May 8 and as part of our continued service for our client, our team of graphic designers have created new advertisements to promote their extended sale.

Here is a sample of a banner advertisement that we designed for this project :



To spread the word about the Spring Sale, Rocky Tops posted this banner advertisement on their website and Facebook page. Our graphic designers used the concept of the spring season in this ad. Even the color combination used follows the concept which is pleasing and refreshing to the eye.

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