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Project Profile: Peachtree Peddlers Dealer of the Week Promotion

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Client: Peachtree Peddlers Flea Market and Antique Centre

Project: Video and Graphic Design Services



Panorama Press has created numerous graphics, videos, and copies for our client Peachtree Peddlers Flea Market and Antique Centre ( One project that we regularly promote is their Dealer of the Week.

Dealer of the Week features a top vendor from Peachtree Peddlers’ Flea Market and showcases their unique products. Since our client is the largest flea market in South Atlanta, it gives vendors the opportunity to highlight their items and grow their business. 

Panorama Press’ teams of talented graphic designers, video editors, and local copywriters are dedicated to creating great promotional posts. Our graphic design team creates eye-catching graphics using different font styles, color schemes, and layouts for more visually attractive promotional materials. We understand that the goal of this project is to highlight the dealers’ products. The promotional materials are kept simple to allow the vendor’s products to be at the centerpiece. The aim is to focus on the product itself to attract a wider audience, without distractions.

Below are some of the eye-catching graphics we made for other Peachtree Peddlers’ Dealers of the Week:

Here’s the short video we created to promote Dealer of the Week: Belen Sweeten:

The videos and graphics are all posted on Peachtree Peddler’s social media accounts. All the materials we created are accessible on those platforms.

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