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Video Creation: Strategy, Creation, Production And Marketing

Video marketing is a must-have for every business and brand in today’s Internet world.  As attention spans start waning, it has become even more crucial than ever to employ promotions that instantly capture customers. Using videos for marketing allows you to get straight to the point, and acknowledges the lack of time that most individuals have.

Videos like product demonstrations, customer testimonials, advertisements, etc. can catch the attention of even the most hard-to-engage customers. In fact, according to the latest statistics, Internet users love seeing videos.  It’s the #1 favorite type of content that consumers want to see from brands. Videos are more engaging and contribute to added sharing of your content.  More than that, major search engines like Google have a sweet spot for videos. If users spend a long time on your website, Google will assume that it has quality content and, therefore, will rank you higher on its search results. You can guarantee that you will have a better return on investment with video marketing compared to other marketing methods. 

The cost-benefit speaks for itself as well. While billboards and print ads still have their strengths, utilizing these traditional methods can be very expensive.  The cost of print ads is much higher than producing video advertisements. Your business can save up to thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars! 

Keep in mind that we are already living in the digital age. Consumers like and expect everything in just a few clicks or taps.  More people than ever shop online, especially now during this pandemic. That is even more of a reason for any business or brand to invest in video ads. They are the latest marketing tool that has been proven to be beyond effective and successful. 

Panorama Press is an experienced and reliable company based in Georgia that offers affordable video marketing services. With our team of very talented video creators, we can help your business or brand stand out from the competition. Our various clients include Granite Countertop Warehouse, Rocky Tops Custom Countertops, Peachtree Peddlers Flea Market and Antique Centre, Joint Regeneration and Anti-Aging and others can attest to our services. 

We can produce any video type you want for your brand. Whether you want short-length ads to promote your product or service, customer testimonials to help you increase your credibility, or videos to showcase your brand, Panorama Press can take care of it all.  We use the most advanced video equipment and editing tools available to provide high-quality, professional videos to keep your audience engaged. 

Check out our portfolio or visit our Youtube channel to see some of our compelling video creations. 

Video marketing is a powerful tool that should never be ignored. If you’re looking for a new or creative way to get your business noticed, our video creation services are the way to go.  Panorama Press Marketing & Media can take your business or brand to the next level. Give us a call for more detailed information at (678) 391-9136 or email