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Online Marketing is Necessary for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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Online Marketing Is Necessary For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The Internet has come a long way from its initial purpose. From being a system that allows quick access to information, it has become a platform that connects people from all over the world and helps modern businesses market their brands. It has brought a way for innovators to attract new markets at a global level, and at the same time, help consumers look for new businesses in an accessible and convenient way.

An article published by Forbes shows some of the essential marketing tips needed for a small business. Any aspiring entrepreneur understands that marketing is vital in running a new business, given that a brand will not thrive if customers do not hear about it. In the article, half of the tips given are Internet-related – with examples such as leveraging social media to their advantage, creating a website, and getting listed in major online directories.

“In today’s technology-based world, the first thing a potential customer or employee does is Google your business. You need a website to show you’re real and to offer information about your business to potential customers. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and be sure to ask for search engine optimization,” wrote Elizabeth Pritchett, Forbes Business Development Council member and the Sales & Marketing Director of Center Point Business Solutions. 

Another study conducted by Square enforced the idea of the Internet becoming a medium for discovering new businesses. It was revealed that 52% of consumers discover new businesses through Facebook. Fifty-six percent of the female respondents and forty-four percent of the male respondents use the social media network, with seventy percent of millennials using the platform for discovery.

“By now, most companies with a Facebook presence know that the social network is a useful tool for sharing information, posting photos, and responding to questions and feedback from existing customers. You may not have realized how powerful the platform is as a discovery tool (Facebook did know — hence the recommendation feature they launched last year),” stated Colleen Egan, a writer for Square. 

It’s clear that social media and the Internet have not only been an avenue to connect friends and family but have also served as a way for businesses to enhance their marketing efforts and, in that same light, for consumers to discover new brands.

With the current COVID-19 crisis affecting peoples’ inability to go out to physical stores, it becomes even more necessary for businesses to establish strong online visibility and branding. The pandemic has shined a light into the possibility of a world where most activities are done online.
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