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Mobile & Desktop Ads to Combine: A Prelude to the Future

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The idea of combining mobile and desktop ads was born when Larry Page, Google CEO ironically disclosed that “Internet users don’t really want a different experience on mobile devices than on their desktop computers.” While this might sound true to many, Google still plans to combine mobile and desktop ads.

The launching of Google’s GoMo signaled the birth of a promising future for mobile websites. In fact, Google has been insisting to webmasters to create websites that are mobile-friendly. Navigating a mobile website is so much different from navigating a website from a desktop computer. It is so much easier and can be done anywhere.

In terms of campaigns, mobile and desktop interface works with 2 difference campaigns. Google will dynamically optimize the two campaigns in two different devices. But for some reason, changes are not totally perfect in this case. Combining desktop and mobile ads is not exactly as good as it sounds. When searchers utilize mobile, advertisers have refused to pay desktop rates.

“The short of it is mobile ad formats are different and quite frankly, people are using it in a different way and advertisers are not convinced they should be bidding up for keywords the same way on mobile the way they do on desktop,” MorningStar tech analyst Rick Summer told CNBC.

It is only smart for Google to solve this matter by combining mobile and desktop ads. Mobile searches have gained a strong response in terms of revenue since then. But this doesn’t mean that desktop will flatline at some point.
“The ubiquity of screens really helps people move from one screen to another effortlessly. Focusing on platform-specific queries won’t make much sense, because ads will dynamically update for the platform. That’s a great opportunity for us,” Page said.