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From a Marketers’ Point of View: Delete Facebook or Not?

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Facebook has been struggling with scandals and issues recently and many marketers are considering deleting Facebook. However, deleting it should not be an option, just your last resort.

Facebook might seem to be in chaos right now, but they are working and committed to  improving their service. There are already some big changes in the works:

  • Security is one of their top priorities to improve and strategize. They plan to shut down their partner categories for six months to ensure privacy/security. Partner Categories are the 3rd party data gathered on the internet and matched to user logins.
  • There will be no Estimated Reach for Facebook Custom Audiences for now and this will be a challenge for marketers. The biggest problem is that you won’t be able to tell how much of your budget to allocate to this ad.  Therefore, you need to analyze your demographics and the keywords that you use in order to see if you have under-budgeted or over-budgeted. Without Estimated Reach can be tough, so you should experiment and review past data so you can monitor the analytic trends.  
  • You are now  required to verify their Custom Audience Terms everytime you upload email.
  • Facebook and Instagram Application Program Interface (API) will change how an app can access data.   

These changes and more will gradually be implemented by Facebook in the next few days or months. For a marketer,  Facebook changes may bring some initial struggles, buy you must be proactive. Look for new ways to reach your target audience.


Start by monitoring and analyzing your current campaigns on Facebook to see what is still working and what is not. You can then adjust accordingly- changes don’t mean you have to give up Facebook, it means that you just need to go with the flow!