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How to Build a Solid Online Presence for Your Startup Business

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How To Build A Solid Online Presence For Your Startup Business

We are in the digital era where almost everything and everyone is online- including your potential customers. It is vital for your startup business to have an online presence. Statistics show that 97% of all consumers today use the internet to find local businesses. 

Presence For Your Startup Business

Here are some effective ways to start building a prominent web presence for your small business:

1. Create your social media profiles

Having a social media presence is a fast and inexpensive way for your startup to connect with your target audience. Imagine, by simply creating a free Facebook page, you can already reach a large percentage of our population. 

More and more people are joining social media, so it’s a smart move to take advantage of the different social media platforms.  According to GlobalWebIndex, 54% of people use social media to search for products. A quick tip is to solely focus on the platform that your target audience is using more often.  If they are on Instagram, show up there too and put all your efforts into creating Instagram marketing strategies. 

2. Put up a website 

Even if you already have social media accounts, it’s still important to have a professional website.  A website makes your startup look more credible and trustworthy.  Aside from that, people today expect businesses to have websites.  It’s one of the first places where they will go to read about your brand or learn more about your products or services.  If you don’t have a website, people won’t know you exist and might turn to your competitors who actually have a website.

3. Master SEO 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is making sure your website can be searched online and ranks on the first pages of search engines. After all, what’s the point of having a website if it doesn’t show up on Google?

SEO is mostly about identifying the keywords or key phrases that your target audience uses to search for businesses online and then ranking high on the results pages for those keywords.  Once you grow your website’s visibility on search results, you’ll get more traffic and visitors that can eventually become customers.


Panorama Press is a full-service marketing company specializing in services aimed at increasing your business’ online presence.  We offer social media marketing and management, web design and development, professional SEO services, and more.

  • Social Media Marketing and Management  Panorama Press can manage your social media profiles and help you grow your brand awareness and online audience.  We have social media masters and content creators who can expertly promote your startup. 
  • Web Design and Development  With our skilled web developers and designers, we can build a user-friendly, visually appealing website that can attract more visitors. Remember- more visitors means more potential sales!
  • Professional SEO Services Our SEO experts and their exceptional strategies can help your website rank higher on Google.  We can provide all the SEO services you’ll need, including keyword research, optimization, and link building. 

At Panorama Press, we can help you establish the online presence your startup business deserves. Give us a call at  (678) 391-9136 or email us at to schedule a FREE consultation.