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Real estate marketing is the practice of advertising a real estate company, an agent, or its properties for sale. It is easy to market a home or commercial building as real estate. Anyone can do it as long as they have the money, the experience, and the help of people to build it. More than anything, however, marketing often determines the success or failure of a real estate company’s career.

If you want to continue to expand your reach and ultimately close more deals, you need to proactively invest in a long-term marketing strategy – a trusted and experienced Home Services Marketing Agency like Panorama Press.

Marketing is vital for real estate owners and businesses. Buying a home is one of the most important decisions a person will ever make. Most home seekers will scrutinize every component of their purchase, from the colors of the curtains to the agent they choose to work with. When developing a marketing campaign, a real estate agent usually has two main goals.

To let people interested in buying or selling real estate know you exist, and to convince people considering buying or selling a home that you are better than any other homeowner they may know. Neither task is easy, especially for realtors who have already exhausted their initial client base. Marketing makes all the difference. With a good marketing campaign, you can increase the number of people who know your name, establish yourself as an authority in the real estate industry, and dramatically increase your current client leads.

A smart real estate company knows the 4 P's in real estate marketing: the people, the price, the product, and the promotion.


The most important component of a property that does not show up on the balance sheet is the people who manage the property. Teaching, training, and motivating employees based on their ability to manage their multi-million dollar assets well helps channel energy into real priorities on the ground while growing and investing in their skills as members of the team. In this business, good people have always been, and always will be, of high importance.


Price is a fair-weather friend and can be difficult to manage. Evaluating and adjusting the price of homes often seems counterintuitive: if you are trying to increase occupancy, raising the price sounds like a bad idea. However, the best strategy is to track price trends in the market and adjust the price accordingly, raising the price when you can.

Also, offering discounts often seems counterintuitive. If you lower the monthly rate or offer an upfront discount, your price will go down, and so will your income. There is even a case for using revenue management systems, but the human element of price monitoring is always an important part of good asset management.


For a product to sell, you need to be sure it’s in a good condition. The key to a good product or service is often in the basics: the cleanliness, the smell of the house, and if it was well taken care of. As long as you have a great product or service, it’s possible that you can sell well.


In the world of real estate marketing, a solid marketing strategy is paramount. To sell a product, you need to advertise to the target audience you want to reach. If potential residents do not know where you are, what you have to offer, or even that you exist, you will not be able to get them in the door.

If you are looking for the most effective small business marketing strategy, content marketing is the winner. Content marketing includes blogs, videos, social media posts, podcasts, webinars, and more – basically any type of content you can distribute online falls into this category. In addition, SEM marketing (search engine marketing), SEO marketing (search engine optimization), and social media advertising strategies are also effective ways online to promote real estate through local search and paid advertisement.

Panorama Press, a trusted and seasoned Home Services Marketing Agency has more than 25 years of experience in digital marketing for home services. We provide quality services to our clients by developing creative solutions to increase sales, awareness, and profitability.

Your business is unique and offers your customers a different experience than your competitors. Panorama Press recognizes this and offers personalized marketing plans tailored to the specific needs and goals of your business. Our ultimate goal is to optimize the return on your investment.

You deserve top-notch service to get your business noticed in the marketplace. At Panorama Press, we are a full-service digital marketing agency and Home Services Marketing Agency that offers customized digital marketing plans for household services.

To ensure you get a variety of lead generation in the marketplace, we offer innovative strategies that include content marketing so people can easily find what they need. Learn more about how you can sell your properties like pancakes by calling us at (678) 391-9136 or emailing us at Let us put your real estate advertising on the market!