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Marketing with Google Plus

Google Plus is an interest-based platform where individuals with similar likes communicate, collaborate and create.  Google Plus is the social aspect for Google, the world’s largest search engine company, and is integrated into every product and service- Search, Android, YouTube, Chrome, Local and Drive. It is unique because it functions as a micro-blogging, video-conferencing and community-based forum all at once. This allows multiple ways to share content with an interested audience.

Key Components of Google Plus:

  • Google+ Business Listings
    Google My Business can increase your visibility and allow you to be more discoverable on local and mobile searches.  It gives potential customers the ability to call you, get directions to your business on Google Maps, and go to your website.
  • Google Circles
    Google+ Circles are a way to create subsets of people you’re connected to and share content and updates with them. Circles can be based on friends, customers, business partners, affiliates or influences you follow.
  • Goggle Communities
    Google+ Communities enable you to organize groups of people around a topic of conversation or a cause. This is a unique and easy way to network.
Marketing with Google Plus
Key Components of Google Plus
  • Google Collections
    Google+ Collections are a way to group your posts by topic. This feature allows you to categorize the content you share on Google+.
  • Google Hangouts
    Hangouts are used by business people, politicians, book authors and anyone who wants to connect and engage to an audience in an intimate way.
  • Google Photos
    Google Photos offers unlimited photo and video cloud storage, and apps for Android, iOS and desktop browsers.

Panorama Press and Google Plus offer several versatile and cost-effective tools that will considerably strengthen your brand. Give us call at 678-391-9136 and let us show you how you can grow your business and increase profits through Google Plus marketing.