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Google: Changes Seem to Have Started Between June 11 and 18

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Changes Seem To Have Started Between June 11 And 18
There is a new thread at the Local Search Forums discussing ranking changes in the local pack that started happening mid-June. I did not see much or any discussion around this a month ago but now some local SEO experts are discussing it in the forum. Joy Hawkins wrote “this change happened on June 8.” She shared examples of how the results change drastically based on proximity, even when the proximity is nearby, which is the big change. ” I definitely see a lot of changes since Possum but not quite this extreme. Normally the searcher’s location is the strongest of hundreds of factors so the business still *usually* needs some type of SEO presence and normally some type of organic presence,” Joy added. “We’re seeing different results at the zip code level, said gyitsakalakis. “In fact, as I walk around our neighborhood, the local pack results change by block,” he added. The changes seem to have happened between June 11th and June 18th. Have you noticed such changes? Source Url: