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Google Webmaster Summary Report

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Google Webmaster Summary Report
Webmaster Report


This past month was filled with many many Google algorithm shifts, ranking changes, tools going nuts and chatter at all times high. We saw lots of ranking changes last weekwhich Google didn’t really confirm. Then the week of September 15th or so and then a couple weeks before that. Heck, we even reported about a local ranking algorithm shift this month.

Google replaced the first click free program with flexible sampling, brought back 10 suggestions and added more testers to the new Search Console. Google addressed the click data SEO thing again after possibly misspeaking? And so much more.

The ongoing WebmasterWorld thread is still chattering about the algorithms shifts from later last week.

Here is a summary of the stories from the past month that are Google webmaster related:

Google Algorithms:

  • Google On Algorithm & Ranking Updates This Week: We’re Always Improving Our Search Results
  • More Google Algorithm & Search Results Shuffling
  • Google Search Ranking Update Chatter Continues
  • Google Search Algorithm Update On September 16th
  • Google Search Algorithm Update Today
  • Google Search Ranking & Algorithm Update Underway? Chatter…
  • Google Local Algorithm Update August 22, 2017: Possum Updated?
  • Google: Search Algorithm Monitoring Tools Get It Right
  • Google’s Ranking Algorithms Dynamically Change Based On Query & Context
  • Google: There Is No Top Three Search Ranking Signals
  • Google: Number One Search Ranking Factor Is Awesomeness

Google Search:

  • Google Replaces First Click Free Program With Flexible Sampling: Metering & Lead-In
  • Should Google Label Content Served Through Flexible Sampling?
  • New Google iOS App Has Related Content Bar
  • Google Autocomplete Showing 10 Suggestions Again

Google Search Console:

  • More Screen Shots: Google Search Console Beta & Indexed, Low Interest Filter
  • Google Opens Up The New Google Search Console To More Testers
  • Google Search Console Kills Fetch As Google For Mobile Apps
  • Export Added To Beta Google Search Console Index Coverage Report
  • Google Search Console Updates Rich Cards Job Listings Report
  • New Google Search Console Beta Data To Come To API In Future

Google SEO:

  • Google Is Updating Their SEO Starter Guide For Mobile & More
  • Google Brain Canada: Google Search Uses Click Data For Rankings?
  • Google: We Don’t Use Click Data Directly For Search Rankings
  • Google: Not In The Cache? Doesn’t Mean Your Pages Are Low Quality
  • Google: Competition Different Across Different Country Domains
  • Google Keeps Debunking 301 Redirect Dilution Myths
  • Google: Our Algorithms Don’t Look At Disavow Files
  • Google Ignores rel=shortlink Link Attribute
  • Google: No Changes On Use Of Image Meta Data In Search
  • Google: We Don’t Rank Big Or Large Sites Better
  • Google: Shopping Cart Abandonment Not A Search Ranking Factor
  • Google On How To Move Your M-Dot To Responsive Before Mobile-First Index Rollout
  • Different Title Tags To GoogleBot & GoogleBot Mobile
  • Google Does Not Support TravelAction Schema, Yet
  • No, Google Isn’t Ranking M-Dot Domains Higher Than Responsive Sites
  • Google Checks For Spam Patterns Between Search Console Accounts?
  • Google: When Going HTTPS, Migrate Whole Site At Once
  • Google Supports WebSub & PubSubHubbub
  • Google: Does Your XML Sitemaps Need To Load Fast?
  • Google: Malware Cleaned Up, No Long Term Impact On Rankings
  • Google Wants You To Ignore The Cache Date
  • Google: Boilerplate Content Is Not Harmful Or Toxic
  • Google: Technically 404s Do Use Up Google Crawl Budget
  • Google: Responsive Sites Don’t Need To Worry About Mobile First Index
  • Google: We Do Not Manually Review All Spam Reports
  • Google Now Serving More AMP Content In Mobile Search Results
  • Googlebot Still On Hold On Supporting HTTP/2
  • Does The Time To Fetch & Render Indicate Possible Google Crawling Issues?
  • Google: Faking Article Dates Is An Old Trick

Google User Interface:

  • Newish: Google Image Carousel Sliders In Mobile
  • Google Featured Snippets Relocates AMP Icon
  • Google To Find E-Books At Your Public Library
  • Google Movie Reviews Tests Audience Reviews
  • Google Tests White Knowledge Panels
  • Google Tests People Also Search For On Right Side Bar
  • Google Featured Snippets Tests Related Query Refinements

Google Local:

  • Now Live: Google Local Finder Website Mentions
  • Google Tests Indoor Maps In The Local Knowledge Panel
  • Google Local Panel Tests Small Map Icon Interface
  • Google Turns Off Questions & Answers For White House Local Result

Google Misc:

  • Google Birthday Surprise Spinner For Google’s 19th Birthday Tomorrow
  • Apple Switches Back To Google For Search On iOS & Mac
  • Google Updates Keyword Tool To Remove Jew Haters Suggestions
  • Google Analytics Better Tracks AMP Pages With AMP Client ID API