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Google Algorithm Updates Impact Websites Faster than Technical Changes

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Google Algorithm Updates Impact Websites Faster Than Technical Changes

There has been a lot of speculation that when Google updated their algorithms, it caused a number of sites to drop down in their Search Engine Optimization Ranking (SEO). This also became an issue when sites saw a huge drop in their SEO when technical changes were also made. Many put the blame on the Google Algorithm changes.

This speculation was addressed by John Mueller of Google when he stated that the drop was not because of the technical changes on your site. Google Updates can affect your site’s algorithm quickly, but technical changes don’t change your ranking overnight. However, you may have done something “wrong” on your site that Google algorithms determine that was not as good as it was before.

For example, if you make changes on how your site’s URLs work, Google will review all 301s. A drop in your ranking will not happen in a blink of an eye, but sooner or later you will notice changes to your search rankings.

Keep in mind that not all algorithms can impact your website quickly and not all technical changes you make to your site will cause a quick drop in rankings.

This statement was supported by a tweet from Glenn Gabe of Google- when you technically change some aspects of your website, this can take a long period of time to reflect an increase in Google rankings and search results. This is not applicable to all websites, but it usually happens in huge sites. Other sites weren’t showing fast results from changes in some algorithms because if often takes time to go over and analyze data.

Keeping an eye on your ranking. Google Algorithms will let you know what you are dong right or wrong, and are the key to achieving your SEO goals.