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Discovering the Benefits of Local SEO: A Look at Relevant Stats

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Discovering the Benefits of Local SEO: A Look at Relevant Stats

Local SEO is something that all businesses – large and small – should consider these days. It has the potential to significantly improve the digital presence of a business and the profits that come along with that. So, what are the benefits of Local SEO and why should you consider investing in this form of marketing?

To answer this question, let’s take a look at some relevant statistics about Local SEO and how it can positively affect a business.

According to Search Engine Land, 50% of consumers who conducted a local search on their mobile device visited a store within a day. This stat alone should be enough to convince businesses that Local SEO is worth considering.

Another statistic that highlights the benefits of Local SEO is that 50% of local mobile searches result in an Online purchase. This means that if you have a website, you have the potential to increase the likelihood of a consumer buying from you if your website is properly optimized for local searches.

Furthermore, according to Google, 4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to find local information. This means that investing in Local SEO can improve your business’s visibility and make it easier for consumers to find you and make a purchase.

Another important statistic to consider is that 78% of local mobile searches result in an Offline purchase. This is a testament to the power of Local SEO as it allows businesses to increase their exposure and engagement with potential customers without them having to visit a physical store.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, local searches lead to higher conversion rates. According to Search Engine Land, conversion rates for local search results are double those of the average non-local searches. This means that if your business does invest in Local SEO, you are likely to see much higher conversion rates, thus increasing your profits significantly.

It is clear from these statistics that Local SEO has tremendous potential for businesses. It can help them become more visible to their target market, making it easier for them to sell their products and services. Furthermore, it also increases the likelihood of a consumer visiting a store or website to make a purchase. Finally, Local SEO has the potential to drastically increase a business’s profits due to its high conversion rate.

For these reasons, if you are a business owner, it is highly recommended that you consider investing in Local SEO strategies to maximize your profits. Fortunately, here at Panorama Press marketing and media, we have experts who can provide you with specialized services to get the most out of Local SEO. 

Our team of expert digital marketers here at Panorama Press Marketing and Media is dedicated to creating a strategy that maximizes online web visibility through organic search engine results. We understand the value of localized content and how it can help increase engagement and conversions for your business. We also track local trends to stay competitive in your industry.

By optimizing your local SEO, you’ll drive more traffic to your website, visibility to your service area, and potential leads. You’ll also increase your profitability and expand your customer base. Our team will tailor a local SEO strategy that’s specific to your unique business needs.

We’ll conduct an in-depth analysis of your website, and search engine optimization, and analyze the competition. We’ll also review your existing content and develop new content that’s tailored to local searches. This type of detailed analysis and keyword targeting will help you rank above competitors in local search results.

Don’t wait any longer to start benefitting from local SEO. Come to Panorama Press Marketing and Media for great results. Give us a call at 678-391-9136 and discover the benefits of local SEO today!