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[wpc_custom_heading heading=”Testimonials” colored_line=”yes”][wpc_testimonial_carousel images=”93293,93294,93295″ carousel_autoplay=”yes”]I hired Panorama Marketing & Media to work on my website because of their depth of knowledge with WordPress website themes. Not only is my website optimized, but it is a true reflection of what I envisioned. It’s so great to have a website built to expand as my business grows! Panorama was very responsive with small changes and customization. They even helped me focus on building a solid marketing strategy specific to my industry. From the initial consultation to launch, they were spot on! I highly recommend this company.

Panorama Press created our new website and suggested that we needed a social media presence. That alone has had a great impact on our relationship with our existing clients and opened a window for new clients that we had not realized we were not reaching. They certainly stand out from the rest with their knowledge, in-sight and expertise in marketing.

One of the best business decisions I’ve made to improve sales for my company was hiring Panorama Marketing. I was especially impressed when I had questions- they responded to all of my calls or emails quickly. If you are serious about marketing online, give them a try.[/wpc_testimonial_carousel]

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