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Customer Relationship Management

PMS Customer Relationship Management
PMS Customer Relationship MANAGEMENT

Winning a new customer should only be the beginning of a long and profitable relationship. Our CRM advisers take the time to understand your individual business needs so we can develop strategies to improve your business structure and customer relationships.

At Panorama Press, our expert CRM team walks you through each step of the process, from selection, to adoption, to training and to support. We help you compile the relationships within your contacts: messages from the same person, the people you’ve talked to at the same company, the person in your business who knows someone on your client’s team. This allows you see all of the communications and relationships, and then to know exactly what to discuss, or not discuss, when you email or call someone.
Email overload is a normal problem today, but you don’t have to see it as a problem. A CRM that’s centered on conversations can extract interactions, group them by the person or company represented in the conversation, and help you see exactly who to reply to and follow up with. You will be able to stay in touch with the customers and contacts that matter most.

The objective with CRM team is sales. Leads and deals are front and center. You can track potential customers and clients, adding information as you strive on convincing that client to use your product or service, and then to actually making the deal. We help you log the steps, tracing the all the interactions that led from the initial contact to closing the deal. This allows a sales team to know exactly where the deal stands at any given time.

When you know something important about your customer—their birthday, where they grew up, or their favorite sports team—you’ll be more likely to make a lasting connection. That’s where the Contact aspect comes in. Our team will show you how to gather as much information as you can about the people you’re talking to. You’ll log interactions and write notes, and then when you’re set to talk again, you’ll be able to review that information. This is also crucial to your next marketing campaign. Your marketing team will be able to access that information and it will enable them to plan and execute a successful campaign. You will be able to easily roll out automated marketing campaigns, putting marketing resources to their best use. The success of these campaigns can be tracked at any stage.

Gaining access to every customer communication, allows you to make every interaction informative and effective, thus insuring an increase sales, a boost productivity, and improved profitability.