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Clickbait Unleashing Through Webinars

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Clickbait Unleashing Through Webinars

Who doesn’t want to be on top?

Webinars can really help you pitch your business. But, there are some instances that people cannot stay longer. At most times, even if they are so interested to attend your webinar, certain situations only leave them with a choice to refuse to attend.

But, what’s more possible is to create multiple link-attracting contents. This will give those who had no chance to attend your webinar an opportunity to still hear about what your webinar is all about.

One way is to turn your webinar into full-length videos. Consider only sharing the video in exchange for the viewer’s email address. This will be a great way to establish your email list at the same time.

Since people love watching short clips nowadays, use it to your advantage. In your short clip, highlight the main point or the most important message so that your audience will find value in it. If your audience appreciated the content, they will opt to check out your website often or even share it on their social media accounts. You can also use short clips in enticing your audience to check the blog posts of your website.

Write a blog post discussing the message of your webinar. It’s completely up to you if you’ll want that blog post to talk about another main point of your webinar or maybe support the short clip you just posted on your website. Either way, you will be able to deliver your message to your target audience.

Now, let’s get back to your webinar. Take the time to read the text conversations of your attendees. Note the important questions that these people asked. Writing content that will answer these questions will make you an authority in your niche.

Another thing, make sure to create infographics out of the webinar. According to research, this is one of the best tools to give essential information.

Surely, developing creative content, marketing and link-building can hinder your competitors to go beyond your ranking.

Now, are you excited to work your way to the top?