Your Local Directory Listings Matter!

Is your business utilizing online directory listings? If so, are your local directory listings up to date? Did you know there are some directory sites that are better than others for your industry? Here’s a handful of some of the best local directories to have your small business listed on. […]

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Adding a City Page is Important in Local SEO in 2019

  Among one of the most powerful ways to make your organisation discovered in Google search by your customers is via making use of city pages. City Pages allow you to target virtually any type of group market such as: cities, areas, zip codes, communities, and even details spots, locations, […]

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How To Do Local SEO For Your Business

This post appeared yesterday on Merchant Circle as part of their “Guest Blogger” series but Tad Chef SEO, the art and science of ranking well in search engines, is one of those things that is easy to learn but hard to master, so let’s focus on the easy part. You’ve got a website and […]

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The Local SEO Guide SEO QA Checklist

The Local SEO Guide SEO QA ChecklistThe following items should be tested before every new release: For dynamic pages does each page type have a unique Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords tag formula? For static pages does each page have a unique Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords tag? Inspect […]

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