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We recently built a new website for Clean Air America to improve the navigation for visitors and meet a number of expectations for today’s web visitor.
Part of this process is improving awareness of the firm and make the site more searchable on the web. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the discipline and one technique is to get other website to link to your site. Here, MediaFirst links to Clean Air’s website.
We mention key terms on their website and show an image, all of which reference the website of Clean Air America.
We picked ten top terms relating to removing weld smoke, oil smoke, and oil mist. These terms are described in this blog post.
Robotic Welding
Manual Welding
Resistance Welding, Spot Welding
Oil Mist Removal & Oil Smoke Removal
Laser Cutting Dust Collection
Laser Welding Smoke Removal
Plasma Cutting Dust Collection
Vehicle Exhaust Fumes
Dust Collection
Why does this work? Because MediaFirst.net has been around for a long time, which adds to its credibility. By linking or pointing to Clean-Air.com, we are endorsing the value and credibility of Clean Air America in its business of welding smoke removal and oil mist removal for industrial applications. Clean Air has installed systems in hundreds of welding training facilities around the country and in industrial manufacturing locations in North America and South America. These include robotic welding manufacturing lines that are serveral hundred feet long, covered by an enormous welding hood.
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by Jim Caruso 
Media First Specialist 

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