Articles by: Ruth Davis


Creating Good Marketing Content to Target a Wider Market

Creating valuable marketing content is vital to any company that wants to increase their leads as well as their sales. A common marketing thought today is that in order to increase your Return on Investment (ROI), you must let your customers know how they could benefit from what you offer […]

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Granite Countertop Warehouse and DryTreat Graphic Advertisement Design

Project:  Design an Advertisement about DryTreat’s Sealing and Enhancing Products for Granite Countertop Warehouse Product: Granite, Quartz, and Solid Surface Countertops Website: Facebook: Accumulating grease, dirt stains, and some scratches from time to time on your kitchen countertops is inevitable because of its everyday use. This can be […]

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Panorama Marketing Prioritizes Customer Service

“They are always quick to respond to any questions and taking care of any issues that arise. We have been very happy with our experience!” – Mary W. Thank you so much, Mary, for the great review. At Panorama Marketing, we prioritize customer service and quick response time. After all, […]

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Granite Countertop Warehouse and Synchrony Bank Financing Service Promotion Graphic Design

Project: Advertisement for Granite Countertop Warehouse financing service through Synchrony Bank Client: Granite Countertop Warehouse Product: Granite, Quartz and Solid Surface Countertops Website: Facebook: Home remodeling and renovation projects involve careful planning, and one of the vital factors that needs careful consideration is the budget. It is smart […]

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Panorama’s SEO Campaign Increased Leads

“Panorama Marketing & Media has been an excellent source for me to develop my lead generation to get my business off and running. They have been extremely professional and effective in getting me residential and commercial customers looking to buy granite countertops. It has been a pleasure to work with […]

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Panorama Advertisement Design Highlight : Mountain Empire Stoneworks 4th of July Sale

Project: Advertisement for 4th of July Sale Client: Mountain Empire Stoneworks Product: Granite, Quartz, and Marble Countertops Website: Facebook: July is almost here, and it’s the month when we commemorate our Independence Day. Different kinds of celebration will be everywhere. To join the festivities, Mountain Empire Stoneworks is […]

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Facebook Ads and Personal Attibutes Policies

Social Media Marketers sometimes have a hard time understanding why some of their ads are not approved by Facebook. The perfect ads are a blend of the right targeting and getting the attention of your audience, but without getting too personal. Learning Facebook AD Policies can be arduous, but hang […]

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Panorama Project Spotlight : Split Testing of Landing Pages for Atlanta Eco Tree

Objective : Create variations of landing pages and conduct split testing to achieve a higher rate  of conversion Overview:       Client: Atlanta Eco Tree Inc.       Product: Tree Cutting Services       Website:             Facebook: People often tend to make decisions based on intuition, and that leads them to believe that they […]

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Google Launches a New Mobile Device Video Tool

Google continues to improve their services and they have recently launched Outstream Ads. Now, Video Ads won’t require placement within a YouTube video. This tool gives advertisers the ability to reach an audience when a YouTube video isn’t present. The videos will appear in banners for mobile web placements and […]

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Panorama Project Spotlight : Granite Countertop Warehouse Father’s Day Sales Ad

Objective: To create and design an advertisement to promote Granite Countertop Warehouse’s Father’s Day Sale Overview:       Project: Banner Advertisements for Father’s Day Sale until June 19       Client: Granite Countertop Warehouse       Product: Granite, Quartz and Solid Surface Countertop       Website:       We are celebrating Father’s Day this month and to join the […]

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Using your Content Failure to Open New Opportunities

Sometimes the only way to learn, is to fail. We all learn from experience, and failing can impact on your company. However, it can work to your advantage if you learn how to turn your failures into your greatest success. We all know that in a business campaign, content writers […]

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