Articles by: Ruth Davis

Panorama Project Spotlight: Spooktacular Halloween Sale  Graphic Advertisement Design

Client: Granite Countertop Chattanooga Project: Design an advertisement about Granite Countertop Chattanooga Spooktacular Halloween Sale Product: Granite, Quartz and Marble Countertops Website: Facebook: It’s that time of the year again for ghosts and goblins, candy,and pumpkins!  This holiday calls for a Spooktacular Halloween Sale! Granite Countertop Chattanooga is […]

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Panorama Project Spotlight: Labor Day Sale Graphic Advertisement Design

Client: Granite Countertop Warehouse Project:  Design an Advertisement about Granite Countertop Warehouse’s Labor Day Sale Product: Granite, Quartz and Solid Surface Countertops Website: Facebook: Summer is close to an end and Granite Countertop Warehouse is wrapping up this season with a huge Labor Day Sale! Avail of big […]

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Understanding Facebook Ad Policies

Facebook Ad Policies has been declining some social media marketers’ boosted post. This left a question on the minds of social media marketers as to why Facebook has been doing this. There have been theories, like photos may be too huge and the content may be too long. More than […]

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How to Write Good Content

Good content can help you increase traffic and leads, while bad content will result in a low ranking. To write better content, you must always keep in mind two things: User Experience and Performance. User Experience User Experience is the overall experience, including emotions and buying behavior, of a person […]

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Google Report for June 2018

Google provides tools and strategies for Webmasters and SEO users, and in those terms June 2018 did not show big changes. However, Google did make changes to Google News and Google Trends and the video upload feature on Google Posts is now  fully operational. Video today is one of the […]

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More Yellow Map Pins Showing up in Google Snippets

We all know that Google is constantly updating, improving, and striving to give their users the best possible experience. Recently, many users started seeing Yellow Map Pins in some of their Google searches. Although there hasn’t been an announcement about this new feature, this has already started to help increase […]

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Panorama Earns Google Search and Mobile Ad Skills

Being a certified Google Partner signifies expertise and proficiency in the Google Platform.  It is a sought after recognition by marketing companies and it is not an easy feat! Attaining Google Certification requires one to pass the Google Fundamentals exams after taking the online courses that Google has set to […]

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Using your Content Failure to Open New Opportunities

As some says, the only way to learn is to fail. We all learn from experience and failing can impact your company. However, it can also work to your advantage if you learn how to turn your failure into your greatest success and improve your company’s reputation. We know that […]

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From a Marketers’ Point of View: Delete Facebook or Not?

Facebook has been struggling with scandals and issues recently and many marketers are considering deleting Facebook. However, deleting it should not be an option, just your last resort. Facebook might seem to be in chaos right now, but they are working and committed to  improving their service. There are already […]

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Finding Your Target Audience Without Invading their Privacy

A question that is often asked is “Why do they ask for personal information just to sign up?”.   This is a common question especially following recent reports about hacked online accounts and sabotaged personal information. Privacy concerns are raised especially to first-party data companies like Facebook.  Since technology is rapidly […]

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9 Advantages of Using Clickbait

Clickbait literally makes your ad interesting.  This means more potential viewers, that in turn will result in an increase in your web traffic and generate new leads. Here are 9 Clickbait ideas  for you to try out: 1) The Dynamic Template Write your ad title with the word “best”. Potential […]

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5 Tips on Writing an Interesting Email

Sending out an email is easy, but your job is not to  just click the send button. For the email to be really complete depends on whether your recipient will read your email from the beginning to the end. This is a very important especially if you are using email […]

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Panorama Project Spotlight: Hot Summer Sale Graphic Advertisement Design

Project:  Design an advertisement about Mountain Empire Stoneworks Hot Summer Sale Product: Granite, Quartz and Marble Countertop Website: Facebook: Finally! The sun is up, and rainy days are gone because summer is here! It’s a great time to push through with the home remodeling and upgrade projects that […]

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Panorama Project Spotlight: RedFern Tree Service Graphic Advertisement Design

Project:  Design an advertisement for RedFern Tree Service Product: Tree Care Services Website: Facebook: RedFern Tree Service is a family-owned tree service company that has been operating in Atlanta since 1984. They are a company that is known for their expertise in tree-cutting and tree-care services. Feedbacks from […]

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