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A Good Website Layout Can Increase Traffic

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A Good Website Layout Can Increase Traffic

Sometimes all it takes to elevate a business or brand is a good website layout. To do business right in today’s digital world, a website is an absolute necessity. With the majority of people getting their information via the internet, it is advantageous for any business to create and utilize the right website design to showcase their product, service, or brand.

The way your website is laid out can speak volumes about your brand and what it means to your visitors. According to Google, over 52% of local searches are done through mobile devices. Think about all the people that search your business- more than half of them are using a mobile device to find information about your business. It is absolutely essential that your website is mobile-friendly. An excellent user interface not only entices your desired market but the more friendly it is, the more convenient for your customers, as well as your target audience. How can one achieve a mobile-friendly layout? The answer is quite simple. A good website layout is grounded on two main principles: Responsiveness and the Ability to Link. 

Responsiveness is simply your website’s ability to respond quickly to a user’s demands. For mobile users in particular, responsive websites are also about being able to switch the size of their screen. Your website visitor wants their browsing experience to be fast, convenient, and easy to navigate. 

The second principle, the ability to link,  is crucial to your website because it allows your customers/visitors to see where you are located digitally. Whether it is your website, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, or any other platform your business or brand utilizes, letting your visitors know all about your media channels helps your business grow, reach a wider audience, and expand your market.

At Panorama Press, we are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the ever-changing business world.  We are a top marketing firm in the Atlanta metropolitan area since 2004. Let us help your business or brand reach new levels of success!

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