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5 Tips on Writing an Interesting Email

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5 Tips On Writing An Interesting Email

Sending out an email is easy, but your job is not to  just click the send button. For the email to be really complete depends on whether your recipient will read your email from the beginning to the end. This is a very important especially if you are using email as a tool to gain more traffic for your content. You have to make sure that your recipient will click on the link that you have included in your email. You must capture their attention right away in order to achieve this.

Here are a few tips and techniques that you can apply when writing an email to promote your content:

  1. Use an eye-catching subject
    Always assume that your recipient probably has hundreds of unread emails in his inbox and you don’t want your email to end up in that pile. By using an eye-catching subject, it will help you get the recipient’s attention and give you a better chance of opening your  email.
  1.  Apply the “grease slide copy” technique 
    This is a writing technique that entices your readers and keeps their eyes glued to the page. It involves using different phrases that will encourage your reader to keep on reading.
    Here are some examples:
      • How can you beat that?
      • But wait – there’s more!
      • As if that’s not enough,
  1.  Begin your pitch with a question
    This will peak your reader’s curiosity and they will want to read your pitch to find out the answer.
    Below are some sample questions:
      • Are you sick and tired of __?
      •  Do you want to know a secret?
      • Wouldn’t it be great if __?
  1. Set the scene in your reader’s mind  
    This technique creates an image in the mind of your reader and generates interest in your content.
    You can try using the following phrases:
      • Imagine this __
      • Think about this for a moment __
      • You dream of __
  1. Get their attention and make a point
    This technique will help you make a stronger impression and catch your reader’s attention by creating a moment of suspense before getting to your main point.
    Here are some examples:
      • Check this out
      • Here’s the deal
      • Here’s another way to think about it
      • The bottomline is
      • Good News

You must always remember that whenever you are writing an email, every single word you use matters. Always put yourself in your reader’s shoes. Ask yourself how you would feel if you’re at the receiving end of the email. Keep this and the techniques mentioned above in mind when you are  writing your next email pitching your content.