Adwords News: Google’s unbelievable slump

Unbeatable. Unshakeable. These are two words that best describe Google despite their reported slump in earnings.  It has been reported that Google lost 20% in net profits last year amounting to $2.18 billion. It was disclosed by RR Donnelly, Google’s bookkeeping firm that shares plunged to a measly 8% and has affected trading after 20 minutes the report came out. But what is worse  is that,  RR Donnelly allegedly reported this by mistake!

The news poses everyone a question. How secure is Google? Well first things first – Google is insanely profitable, unshakeable, unbeatable. It was reported that their overall revenue grew to 45% or $14.1 billion. That is not bad considering that this statistics is incomparable to Bing’s operating loss of $1.45 billion last year.

However, this hullabaloo proves to be critical in PPC and has prompted investors to sell their Google shares.  Google has officially announced the sudden fall of average clicks for paid search by 15%. While this sounds good news for advertisers it looks like a scary thought to Google and its investors. The news has also affected Facebook and Yahoo bringing its prices down.
Blame this on the new trend. Google’s mobile business is growing and is gaining $8 billion yearly with profits of $2.5 billion last 2011. The shift from desktop to mobile is the culprit to the fall in average cost per click. That’s because mobile clicks are least expensive than the usual pay per click cost.

In this light, we can only expect more mobile advertising activities lead by Google in the new year. This will serve as a new business venture for many as mobile websites will be the hot new trend. It will open the doors of mobile PPC.
So, get your high-end mobile phone handy as Google is ready to pump up the industry with new, creative and beta testing ideas.

Quickbooks help

If you want to accept the concept of Company Quality, you will have to accept change. In this situation we are talking about technical revolution. You will have to examine the effectiveness of your online business methods. Efficiency plays a role in the main point here while performance is applicable to the way technology is utilized.
How many times have you heard this statement?: “Tomorrow we will become something that we aren’t today.”  This statement has become a cliche  but have you ever taken this statement seriously? Either yes or no, you can’t ask people to change overnight and they can’t react to that quickly. Neither you can’t sleep and then wake up having a different personality.
But having QuickBooks for your company, change is not an issue. It’s easy to use and you won’t have a hard time adjusting to it. It’s like having a new invincible accountant. You can save a lot of time on bookkeeping and paperwork because many of simple bookkeeping tasks are handled automatically making it easier to run your business.
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Small Business Accounting Software – How Do You Choose

Small Business Accounting Software – How Do You Choose
It was once said by Bill Gates that Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. He doesn’t think that anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other, and he was right especially when it comes to small business accountingsoftware. Accounting and business accounting software are completely “knitted” together.
Two inched wide extensive books and thick glasses are things of the past. We are of the age where everything is amazing. If accounting is the way businesses keep on track, then accounting software is an extremely important piece of software to get everything perfectly right.
You have to find the right company bookkeeping softwareprogram for your company’s future and assurance. So how do you do that? There are so many options these days, but are those really trusted? Does it really give you the perfect results you need?
With QuickBooks you don’t have to worry about these things.
QuickBooks is the most ideal business accounting software for small entrepreneurs. You can easily generate reports with the information you need, so you always know where your business stands, and whether you’re making money or if your business is healthy.
Often small businesses just go out and buy the most popular application or buy the same software a friend recommended. You do not want to buy something just because it is popular or someone else uses it you need to evaluate your business processes first and then armed with the results of your analysis, go out and find the small business accounting software application that fits your business.
QuickBooks is best for small to mid-sized businesses and you are rest assured knowing that QuickBooks is stable, reliable and proven product. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses throughout the world have chosen QuickBooks as their accounting software. You can’t go wrong with a software program with such an extensive installed user base.
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